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Versatile 3 Phase Hybrid Stepper Driver
  • Versatile 3 Phase Hybrid Stepper DriverVersatile 3 Phase Hybrid Stepper Driver

Versatile 3 Phase Hybrid Stepper Driver

Hot Sale China Versatile 3 Phase Hybrid Stepper Driver Manufacturers and Suppliers. LICHUAN® is Versatile 3 Phase Hybrid Stepper Driver manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Product Description

Find a huge selection of Versatile 3 Phase Hybrid Stepper Driver from China at LICHUAN®. Provide professional after-sales service and the right price, looking forward to cooperation.

Product Introduction

MC556E-RS485 is a fully NC integrated drive provided with RS485 interfaces and used based on standard Modbus RTU protocol. It can have a multi-axis motion control function through its touch screen or controllers with RS485 communication interfaces. The user can control up to 31 drives at the same time. Each drive is provided with 8 internal positions and supports automatic internal position switching, homing, position triggerring, JOG and other functions..MC556 driver match for Nema23 Nema34 hybrid stepper motor, pls check driver manual if u wanna know more information

MC556E Features

➢ Voltage input range: DC20V~50V
➢ Max. peak current: 5.6A
➢ Communication interface: RS485
➢ Communication protocol: Modbus RTU
➢ Motor parameter self-regulation
➢ Provided with overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions, etc. 2.2 Storage and mounting environment
➢ Storage temperature: -20°C~65°C
➢ Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C
➢ Operating humidity: 40~90%RH (without condensation)
➢ Vibration frequency: < 0.5G (4.9m/s2), 10~60 Hz (non-continuous operation)
➢ Places with dust, oil stain, corrosive gases, high humidity and vibration should be avoided.
➢ Combustible gases and conductive dust should be prohibited

Technical parameter

● Voltage input range:DC20V~50v
● Maximum peak current: 5.6A
● Subdivision range:200~25600ppr
● Pulse form: pulse +direction
● Impulse response frequency: 0~200KHz
● Motor parameter auto-tuning function
● With protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, tracking error out oftolerance, etc.

Environmental parameters

● Storage temperature:-20° ℃~65 ℃
● Operating temperature: 0° ℃~50 ℃
● Operating humidity:40~90%RH(non-condensing)
● Vibration frequency:less than 0.5G(4.9m/s2)10Hz~ 55Hz(discontinuous operation)
● Avoid dust, oil stains, corrosive gases, places with too much humidity and too strong vibration, and prohibit flammable gas and conductive dust

Drive function description

Drive function Instructions
subdivision setting
15 microstep subdivisions can be set for the Driver through 4 dial switches SW5~SW8.The Driver shall be stopped while setting subdivision. See driver panel instruction for microstep subdivision settings.
Output current setting 8 output currents can be set for the Driver through 3 dial switches SW1~SW3. See driver panel instruction for output current settings.
Automatic half -flow function Automatic half current function can be set for the Driver through switch SW4. OFF means that quiescent current is set to half of
operating current; ON means that quiescent current and dynamic current are the same. SW4 shall be set as OFF for general use to
reduce heat generation of the motor and the driver and to improve reliability. About 0.3s after pulse train stops, current will automatically reduce 50%(actual value 55%) and theoretically, heat generation will reduce 65%.
Signal interface PUL+ and PUL-are positive and negative terminals of pulse signal control; DIR+ and DIR- are positive and negative terminals of direction signal; ENA+ and ENA- are positive and negative terminals of enable signals.
Motor interface A+and A-connect to positive and negative terminals of A phase winding of stepper motor; B+ and B- conne ct to positive and negative terminals of B phase winding of stepper motor. When A and B phase windings are switched, the Motor direction will be reversed.
Power connector DC/AC power supply, operation input voltage range: 20~50 VDC, 36VDC input voltage is suggested, power supply shall be higher than 100W.
Indicator light There is 1 green indicator light and 1 red indicator light on the Driver. The green one is power indicator light, it illuminates when the Driver is connected to power supply; the red one is failure indicator light, it illuminates when over-voltage or over-current failure occurs. Red indicator light goes off after failure is eliminated. Failure ofthe Driver can only be eliminated by re-connecting to power supply and reusing.
Dimensions of the Driver:117 x78 x 34mm, installation pitch of holes: 111mm. Both horizontal and vertical installations can be selected (vertical installation is suggested)The Driver shall be installed cosely against metal cabinet for heat dissipation.

Parameter Setting

Subdivision precision, dynamic and half/full currents can be set for MC556E Driver through 8-bit dial switch as follows:

Working current setting

Output peak current Output average current SW1 SW2 SW3
1.4A 1.0A off off off
2.1A 1.5A on off off
2.7A 1.9A off on off
3.2A 2.3A on on off
3.8A 2.7A off off on
4.3A 3.1A on off on
4.9A 3.5A off on on
5.6A 4.0A on on on

Installation size (unit: mm)

Microstep subdivision setting

Steps/revolution SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8
Default on on on on
400 off on on on
800 on off on on
1600 off off on on
3200 on on off on
6400 off on off on
12800 on off off on
25600 off off off on
1000 on on on off
2000 off on on off
4000 on off on off
5000 off off on off
8000 on on off off
10000 off on off off
20000 on off off off
25000 off off off off

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