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Company History

Our History

Shenzhen Xinlichuan Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, dedicated to the research and development, production, and sales of automation products. We have established a research and development management platform centered on technology and customer needs, providing customers with the best cost-effective solutions. By the end of 2016, the R&D team of Xinlichuan had applied for 23 patents, including 20 authorized patents, registered 11 software copyrights, and developed more than 10 new products.

The main products of Xinlichuan Company include digital stepper drivers, stepper motors, hybrid stepper servo systems, low-voltage AC/DC servo systems, high-voltage AC servo systems, integrated stepper motor drivers, bus digital drivers, bus integrated motors, bus hybrid stepper servo, bus high-voltage AC servo, multi axis stepper motor drivers, PLC, HMI, planetary reducer, and other products Xinlichuan’s self purchased factory covers an area of 4410 square meters, company have 163 employees, including a professional sales team, R&D engineer team, procurement department, finance department, and production department. We have 9 production lines and 30 types of production machines. The company strictly adheres to the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and its series of products have obtained CE.ROHS certification. It is one of the strictest quality and largest manufacturing system manufacturers in the industry. Xinlichuan implements a full inspection system for all finished products, and conducts 24-hour high and low temperature aging tests on all finished products, ensuring the stability and reliability of product quality.

Product Application

The products of Xinlichuan Company have been widely used in textile machines, packaging machines, milling machine, CNC. laser machines, carving machines, printing machines, advertising machines, clothing machines, cutting machines/stone machines, ceramic machines, medical machines, robots, AGV, automatic doors and windows and other fields.

  • Robotic Arm

  • Laser Cutting Machine

  • 3D Printing

  • CNC Machine

  • Automatic Assertmbly

  • Engraving Machine

Our Certificate

Lichuan High tech Certificate. Lichuan Trademark Registration Certificate, Lichuan Stepping Software Certificate, Lichuan Servo Software Certificate, CE Certificate, ROHS Certificate, Use New Professional Certificate, Appearance Design Patent Certificate, Computer Software Copyright Level Certificate, Quality Service Integrity Unit Certificate. Quality oriented and trustworthy enterprise certificate

Production Equipment

Printing machines, measurement and control machines, laser engraving machines, screw machines, thread cutting machines, coating equipment, winding machines.

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