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Small 2 Phase Stepper Driver Mini
  • Small 2 Phase Stepper Driver MiniSmall 2 Phase Stepper Driver Mini

Small 2 Phase Stepper Driver Mini

Factory Small 2 Phase Stepper Driver Mini Made in China with Low Price. LICHUAN® is Small 2 Phase Stepper Driver Mini manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Product Description

Factory Direct Sale Quality Small 2 Phase Stepper Driver Mini with Low Price Manufacturers and Suppliers. LICHUAN® is Small 2 Phase Stepper Driver Mini manufacturer and supplier in China.

Product Introduction

MC860H(E) mini is an 86 digital step drive developed based on high-performance and low-power-consumption ARM chips. It is provided with an intelligent regulator with a PID parameter self-regulation function, so the most appropriate parameters can be automatically generated for different motors without manual regulation, making the operation performance of motors be the best. The motor noise of this drive is very low, achieving a high cost performance.

Functional characteristics

● Voltage input range: DC20V~90V/AC18V~80V
● Max. peak current: 7.2A
● Subdivision range: 400~51200ppr
● Pulse form:Pulse+direction
● Pulse response frequency:0~200KHz
● Motor parameter self-regulation
● Provided with overvoltage, overcurrent and tracking error and out-of-tolerance protection functions, etc.

Operating environment and parameters

● Storage temperature: -20°C~65°C
● Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C
● Operating humidity: 40~90%RH (without condensation)
● Vibration frequency: < 0.5G (4.9m/s2), 10~60 Hz (non-continuous operation).
● Places with dust, oil stain, corrosive gases, high humidity and vibration should be avoided. Combustible gases and conductive dust should be prohibited

Main applications

Suitable for automatic equipment and instruments in various motion control fields such as electronic processing and detection, semiconductor packaging, laser cutting and welding, laser phototypesetting, packaging machinery, engraving machines, markers, cutters, apparel plotters, medium-sized CNC machine tools and automatic assembly equipment.

Technical parameter

● Voltage input range: DC24V~110V/AC18V~80V
● Maximum peak current: 7.2A
● Subdivision range: 400~51200ppr
● Pulse form: pulse +direction
● Impulse response frequency:0~200KHz
● Motor parameter auto-tuning function
● With overcurrent, overvoltage and other protection functions.

Environmental parameters

● Storage temperature:-20°C~65 ℃
● Operating temperature:0° ℃~50 ℃
● Operating humidity: 40~90%RH (non-condensing)
● Vibration frequency: less than 0.5G(4.9m/s2)10Hz~ 55Hz(discontinuous operation)
● Avoid dust, oil stains, corrosive gases, places with too much humidity and too strong vibration, and prohibit flammable gas and conductive dust

Drive function description

Drive function Instructions
subdivision setting
The number of micro-step subdivisions of the driver is set by four DIP switches SW5~SW8. There are 16 micro-step subdivisions in
total. When the user sets subdivisions, the driver should be stopped first.For score setting, please follow the driver panelinstructions.
Output current
The output current of the driver is set by three DIP switches SW1~SW3, and its output current has 8 gears. For the specific output current setting, please refer to the driver panel description.
Automatic half -flow function The user can set the automatic half-flow function of the driver through the SW4 switch. OFF means that the quiescent current is set to half of the dynamic current, and ON means that the quiescent current and dynamic current are the same.In general use, SW4 should be set to OFF to
reduce the heat generation of the motor and driver and improve reliability. About 0.3 seconds after the pulse train stops, the current will automatically decrease by 50%(actual value55%), the calorific value is the oretically reduced by 65%.
Signal interface PUL+and PUL- are the positive and negative ends of the control pulse signal; DIR+and DIR- are the positive and negative ends of the direction signal: ENA+ and ENA- are the positive and negative ends of the enable signal, ALM+ and ALM- are the alarm output.
Motor interface A+ and A- are connected to the positive and negative ends of the A-phase winding of the stepping motor; B+ and B- are connected to the positive and negative ends of the B-phase winding of the stepping motor. When the A and B two-phase windings are exchanged, the direction of the motor can be reversed
Power connector Use AC/DC power supply, the voltage range is 24~110VDC or 18~80VAC, the terminals are not divided into positive and negative poles,
the recommended power supply is DC 48V, and the power is greater than 250W.
Indicator light The drive has two indicator lights, red and green. The green light is the power indicator, when the driver is powered on, the green light is
always on; the red light is the fault indicator, when there is an overvoltage or overcurrent fault, the faultThe light is always on.After the fault is cleared, the red light goes out. When the drive fails, only a power cycle and re-enable can clear the fault.
The external dimensions of the driver are: 11 9 x76 x34mm, and the mounting hole distance is 112mm It can be installed horizontally or vertically (vertical installation is recommended). When installing, it should be close to the metal cabinet to facilitate heat dissipation.

Parameter setting

Subdivision precision, dynamic and half/full currents can be set for MC860-Mini Driver through 8-bit dial switch as follows:

Working current setting

Output peak current Output average current SW1 SW2 SW3
2.4A 2.0A on on on
3.08A 2.57A off on on
3.77A 3.14A on off on
4.45A 3.71A off off on
5.14A 4.28A on on off
5.83A 4.86A off on off
6.52A 5.43A on off off
7.2A 6.0A off off off

Installation size (unit: mm)

Microstep subdivision setting

Steps/revolution SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8
400 on on on on
800 off on on on
1600 on off on on
3200 off off on on
6400 on on off on
12800 off on off on
25600 on off off on
51200 off off off on
1000 on on on off
2000 off on on off
4000 on off on off
5000 off off on off
8000 on on off off
10000 off on off off
20000 on off off off
40000 off off off off

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Industry Applications

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