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Lichuan NEW product---Ethercat AC servo motor


Shenzhen Xinlichuan Electric Co., Ltd. released a new product - Ethercat AC servo motor On January 9, 2024, with a rated power ranging from 100W-1KW. This servo motor has different torques and a wide range of applications, which can be applied in industries such as machine tool processing, semiconductor equipment, automated production lines, medical equipment, ect.

With the continuous development of industrial automation technology, EtherCAT bus servo is expected to further develop in the following areas:

1. Higher performance: With the advancement of communication technology, EtherCAT bus servo may achieve higher communication bandwidth and lower communication latency, further improving performance.

2. Wider application: With the popularization of EtherCAT bus technology in the field of industrial automation, Ether CAT bus servo may be applied in more fields, such as medical equipment, energy, etc.

3. Intelligence: With the application of artificial intelligence technology, EtherCAT bus servo may achieve more intelligent control and optimization, further improving the accuracy and efficiency of motion control.

4. Reliability improvement: With the continuous advancement of technology, EtherCAT bus servo may be further optimized in terms of equipment reliability and stability to meet more stringent industrial application requirements.

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