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Integrated stepper motor(Perfect combination of stepper motor and driver)


Shenzhen Xinlichuan Electric Co., Ltd. has developed a new product is integrated stepper motor which includes nema17, nema24, nema23, and nema34. 

These integrated stepper motor  have different torques.

1.Integrated stepper motor controller, also known as integrated stepper motor driver, is a device that combines the functions of stepper motor drive and controller. It plays a crucial role in many applications, including robots, automation equipment, printers, 3D printers etc. The emergence of integrated stepper motor controllers greatly simplifies the control and use of stepper motors, making their use more convenient in various applications

2、 The characteristics of an integrated stepper motor controller

1. Integration of Drive and Control: Lichuan integrated stepper motor controller integrates the drive and control parts of the stepper motor together, eliminating the need for users to design their own drive circuits, greatly reducing the difficulty of use.

2. Easy to install and use: Lichuan Integrated stepper motor controllers typically have simple interfaces and connection methods, allowing users to connect the controller to the motor with just a few wires without the need for complex debugging and setup.

3. High performance: Lichuan Integrated stepper motor controllers usually have high performance, such as high driving ability, high precision, high speed, etc., which can meet the needs of most applications.

4. Programmability: Many integrated stepper motor controllers support control through programming, allowing users to achieve complex motion modes and functions through programming.

5. High reliability: Lichuan integrated stepper motor controller has high stability and reliability, which can ensure long-term normal operation.

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