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Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver For Precise Control
  • Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver For Precise ControlClosed Loop Stepper Motor Driver For Precise Control

Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver For Precise Control

China Factory Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver For Precise Control In Stock. LICHUAN® is Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver For Precise Control manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Product Description

LICHUAN® warmly welcome you to wholesale Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver For Precise Control from our factory. Our products have CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. Lichuan factory have more than 15 years production experience .We are support OEM&ODM ,We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices. We welcome more distributors to join LICHUAN.

LCDA86H adopts the latest special motor control DSP chip and vector closed loop control technology, completely solves step missing issues for open loop stepper motor, completely solves step missing issues for open loop stepper motor, obviously improves motor performance at high speed, reduces heat generation
and vibration of motor, increases processing speed and precision of machine, decreases power consumption, applies to 2 phase Nema34 closed loop motors, has both stepper and servo advantages, is 50% cheaper than servo systems in market and an optimal upgrading stepper program for clients.

LCDA86H Features

● Voltage input range: DC30V~100V / AC20V~70V
● Max peak current: 6A
● Subdivision range: Default 4000/rev, any subdivision (200~51200) can be
● set through debugging panel.
● Pulse limit frequency: 200KHZ
● Signal input: Pulse, direction and enable signals
● Output signal: In-place signal and failure output signal, full motor encoder
● feedback: AB differential input.
● Over-voltage, over-current, tracking error and out of error protection functions.
● Closed loop vector control, assure high-speed and big-torque output and no step missing of motor.

Application industry

Apply to various small and medium-sized automation equipment and devices, such as: engraving machine, wire decoating machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser machine, plotting instrument, medical equipment, CNC, automatic assembly equipment, electronic processing equipment and etc. Excellent application effects for low-noise and high-speed equipment.

Electric indexes

Parameter LCDA86G
Min Type Max Unit
Max peak current

6 A
Input supply voltage 24 60 70 VDC/VAC
Logic input current 7 10 16 mA
Pulse frequency
200 500 KHZ

Interface Definition

(1) Motor and Power Supply Input Interface

Symbol Name Description
A+ Positive Terminal of A Phase Motor Winding
- Negative Terminal of A Phase Motor Winding
B+ Positive Terminal of B Phase Motor Winding
- Negative Terminal of B Phase Motor Winding
AC Power  Supply  Connection  Terminal VDC:30V-100V
VAC: 20V-70V
AC Power  Supply Connection Terminal

(2) Signal input port of encoder (6Pin green terminal is adopted for LCDA86H encoder, pin definition is as follows)

Symbol Name
EB+ B Phase Positive Input of Motor Encoder
EB- B Phase Negative Input of Motor Encoder
EA+ A Phase Positive Input of Motor Encoder
EA- A Phase Negative Input of Motor Encoder
VCC Encoder Power Supply
EGND Encoder power ground

(3) Control Signal Port

Name Description
PUL+ Pulse input signal: the rising edge of the pulse is valid; in order to respond to the pulse signal reliably, the pulse width should be greater than 2.5μs. Compatible with 5V-24V signals, no series resis tance  is  required.
DIR+ Direction input signal: switch the motor direction by high/low level signal, the direction signal should be established at least Sus before the pulse signal. Compatible with 5V-24V signals, no series resistance is required.
ENA+ Enable control signal, this input signal is used to enable or disable the driver output. When this function is not needed, the enable signal terminal can be left floating. Compatible with 5V-24V signals, no series resistance is required.
Pend+ Positive  Terminal  of  Positioning  Finish  Signal
Pend- Negative  Terminal  of  Positioning  Finish  Signal
ALM+ Positive  Terminal  of  Alarm  Output
ALM- Positive  Terminal  of  Alarm  Output

Lichuan Factory Production Products Machine

  • Carving Machine

  • Coating Equipment

  • Fiber laster Marking Machine

  • Screwing Machine

  • Testing Machine

  • UV Printer

  • Automatic Soldering Machine

  • Holding Torque Testing Machine

  • Screw Machine

  • Oscillograph Machine

Industry Applications

  • Robotic Arm

  • Laser Cutting Machine

  • 3D Printing

  • CNC Machine

  • Automatic Assertmbly

  • Engraving Machine

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